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One Day at a Time

In this book, 'One Day at a Time', families who have a child with a disability have openly and honestly shared their lives with you. By the sharing of their stories the families hope that it will assist both families and professionals to develop an understanding and an insight into living with a child with a disability. All the families have attended Kurrajong Early Intervention Service, Wagga Wagga.

The title of the book 'One Day at a Time' reflects the words of wisdom and advice that many of the families have found helpful and that is - to take 'One Day at a Time'.

The book comprises some wonderful, touching stories. The first is Harry's story, which states:

Welcome to Harry's World, a world of confusion, frustration and a great big misunderstanding of things in life we all take for granted.

Hello, I'm Harry's mum, Melissa. My husband, Ian and Harry's big brother, Jack, are pleased to meet you and introduce you to our life with a child with autism.