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Wagga Wagga

What is Adult Accommodation Support Service Wagga?
We provide community based group home support to adults with an intellectual disability. Kurrajong services are underpinned by the person centered approach which recognises individuality.

What does it do?
Adult Accommodation Support Service provides adults with an intellectual disability support within a group home setting. The level of support varies depending upon the relative need:
- Community Workers provide active support 24 hours per day
- Community Workers support is only provided during specific times of the day, this may include sleepovers
- Limited support to people with a physical disability

Adult Accommodation provide training in a variety of areas depending on individual needs:
1. Social Skills - Support in relationships, self-esteem, communication, self-advocacy, decision making and choice, rights and responsibilities.
2. Money Management - Support in budgeting, bill paying, banking. A percentage of the person's pension is required to support the person to live in Adult Accommodation
3. Relaxation & Leisure Activities - Support in social and sporting activities, holidays.
4. Household Living - Support in cooking, cleaning, shopping, personal safety. Community workers assist service users with all of these activities.
5. Personal Life - Support in managing health, making and keeping medical appointments, healthy eating, personal hygiene, personal presentation, managing behaviour.
6. Community Access - Each person receives support to access the community according to their individual needs.
7. Vocational/Employment - Support provided to assist a person to maintain their lifestyle to enable them to continue to access their vocational/employment options.

Why is it important?
Enables adults with an intellectual disability to live in the community with the appropriate level of support.

Who can use this service?
An adult who has an intellectual disability and requires moderate support to live in the community. Placements are dependent on the availability of resources and relative need. It is preferable that each service user has employment or a day service placement outside of their accommodation support.

Where do people live?
Adult Accommodation has eight group homes spread throughout Wagga Wagga.