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Your donation will help change lives

When you make a donation towards our work someone with a disability will achieve something they had only ever dreamt of, make a choice about what they want in life or perhaps that item of equipment that wouldn't have otherwise been possible.

The families we work with are truly amazing and live and work every day to help their son or daughter with a disability, be they young or not so young. 

Our staff want to make a difference and do. 

But it's when we join forces with the community that we can do so much more. 

Just recently a young child in our early intervention service had the opportunity to experience taking his first step.

It was an emotional time for his mother who never dreamed it would be possible but never lost hope and our staff never stopped trying to help.

And just how did it happen?

All that was needed was him having access to a simple piece of equipment but one that only happened because a supporter wanted to help make it happen. 

Maybe they didn't know exactly what was needed, but knew we would. 

The item we needed for him was called a TheraTogs suit and acts like an external muscle designed to increase the child's physical ability and strength. 

But even more it allowed this little fellow to be just like his siblings, to see the world from an upright position, he was able to move without having to be pushed in a chair or having to be satisfied watching other children play.

It's not hard to know why it was such an emotional time for everyone.

For him there is still a long way to go, but every achievement requires that first step. 

There is so often a gap and in this case our supporter helped bridge that gap.

Kurrajong Waratah want to build more bridges like this that close the gap between what is and what could be for all people with a disability.

Help us take that first step today - and thank you for sharing our vision for people with a disability to lead a life of their choice.

If you would prefer to post a cheque or money order, please download our Printable Donation Form and send to Kurrajong Waratah, PO Box 8576, WAGGA WAGGA NSW 2650

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